Gerd Limbeck - technical computer science engineer
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Consulting, Design and Development Dervices:
  • Linux
    Surely there are other, more common operating systems. However, Linux helps you get exactly what you need - no more and no less! Linux's openness allows system providers to solve the real problems faster, while it offers you independence and investment security.

  • Java
    is a modern, open and well thought-out programming language. It is downright fun to create software with Java: Objects of the real world are mapped to parts of a Java progam in a very natural way. This ensures that the software finally performs as required. Your Investment will bear fruits for years to come: A Java program runs on all common operating systems.
Stay in control of your business: For all software that we specifically tailor to your needs, we make the source code available to you. Contact us if you want to come to Linux and/or Java.

Special Know-How:
  • automation and process control for factories producing precast concrete units
  • operating system Real32
  • open source database SAPDB

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