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Open Source Packages (GNU Lesser General Public License):
  • j3964R package
    With this package you are able to exchange data via serial interface. You don't have to worry about the 3964R protocol, just receive and send your data in the form of byte arrays.

  • rk512 package
    This package is for data exchange with Simatic S5, Simatic S7, Bosch PLC's, and other hardware. You can use the RK512 protocol or even the MPI protocol by employing Helmholz Adapter SSW7-RK512), for example. The package is a frontend to the j3964R package.
You will need Sun's Communication API 2.0, which must be installed. It is available for Windows and Solaris. For Linux you can get a backend to Sun's Solaris package from www.rxtx.org.

Update 25.07.2016: There is also a Patch to switch from javax.comm to gnu.io. So you can use rxtx library for accession serial ports in java instead.
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